The Tools

What lays behind
HIFSuite Tools


The HIFSuite Tools is a set of command-line tools that allow to automatically perform sophisticated manipulations on IP Cores written with traditional languages: VHDL, Verilog and Verilog A.


  • Translate VHDL modules into SystemC RTL

  • Translate Verilog modules into SystemC RTL

  • Translate VerilogA modules into C++ or SystemC TLM

  • Abstract HDL modules into C++ or SystemC TLM 

  • Create platform top levels starting from heterogeneous modules using IP-XACT

  • Create wrappers for Virtual Platform integration for OVP and Keysight SystemVue and FMI/FMU 

  • Create Custom optimization flows

Demo version

Contact us to get a demo version of the tools and request a free online session with the HIFSuite Team.

The current version is the 2017.05-antlia

HIFSuite Manipulation Tools


A manipulation tool is a tool built on top of the HIFSuite Core API (C++) to manipulate the HIF representation of the modules.  Examples of such tools are:


Automatic Abstraction Tool: a tool that converts the HIF representation into its equivalent C++ and TLM version.


Hierarchy Remover: a tool that flattens the hierarchy of a HDL module.


Composer: a tool used to build one  syntactic  tree starting from many trees in HIF format

HIFSuite Component Diagram


The figure on the right shows the diagram of the HIFSuite workflow, starting from input modules and ending with the converted output modules ready to be inserted into the Virtual Platform. In the middle there is the HIF Format which is used to create a local representation of the design independent from the original description language.


Parsers and Generators: the Parsers convert the input module from Verilog or VHDL to HIF Format. One Parser exists for each supported inputlanguage.The Generators convert the HIF Format into SystemC and C++. One Generator exists for each supported output language.


HIFSuite Format: the Heterogenous Intermediate Format (HIF) is the readable textual modeling format used by the Tools to create a common application domain.


Core APIs: the Core APIs (Application Program Interface) can be used by designers to create custom application tools and apply any kind of manipulation to the HIF description with complete and structured function sets.