Consultancy services for the adoption of Virtual Platform


Module Conversion

Conversion of customer’s HDL modules into their C++ versions with the desired optimizations. In a few days many modules can be translated, thus saving time and efforts. The customer is required to provide the HDL modules and the related testbenches. If required an NDA can be shared among parts.

Supported formats and languages:

  • Digital IPs: VHDL, Verilog, IP-XACT

  • Analog IPs: Verilog A

Virtual Platform Integration
Services related to Virtual Platform building and set up:
  • Custom TLM IPs: building of customer's specific IPs compliant with TLM 2.0

  • Network modeling: setup and simulation of network scenarios

  • Wrapper: the customer may require the final module to be compliant with a particular interface or scheduling behaviour.


Electronic System Level design, Virtual Platforms and the HIFSuite Tools can be learnt more easily with the help of experienced developers. 


The HIFSuite team is ready to support customers in any problem related to the use of the software (if bought with a commercial license) and with the output delivered through the services. Service Level Agreements (SLA) can be applied.

Technology is moving fast to new languages and paradigms. This imposes to adopt tools allowing a smooth shift, without losing  the knowledge-base and the IP models on which companies core business is based. HIFSuite Tools and developers come in help by providing automatic tools for IP reuse in SystemC, C++ as well as inside Virtual Platforms, preventing errors due to manual conversion and optimization.